Can you get pregnant from anal sex?

Pregnancy is something scary even for women who are sexually active. Using contraceptive is the best way to prevent the pregnancy but there are different ways of having sex besides the vaginal sex which maybe exciting and stimulating but without causing any pregnancy.

To get pregnant, man should ejaculate into the vagina and it is not possible to get pregnant if you have an anal sex. However, there are circumstances, which may lead to a pregnancy even after having an anal sex.

When you are having an anal sex, you have to know that this act in itself cannot lead to the pregnancy. However, you have to be aware of the scenario that can lead to pregnancy.

While having the anal sex, your partner ejaculated into the anus. When this took place, it will be possible that the semen may exit the anus and it can drip in the vagina. When the sperm reaches in the vagina, then pregnancy can take place. Vagina and the anus are too close and it is possible for the semen to reach into the vagina easily.

When you are engaged into the anal sex and a man pulls out before ejaculating and ejaculates on your vagina, there are chances that the pregnancy may take place. This happens if the semen enters into the vagina and the sperm and the egg meet. The two scenarios may be unlinked, but they can happen. You should be aware that even if you may think that you are having safe sex, you may end up expecting. However, when the semen fails to enter in the vaginal canal, you will not become pregnant.

The sperm does not die when it hits the air

You will find many fallacies when it comes to pregnancy. Some believe that the sperm die if it hits air. However, if it reached the body before it dries off, then it can survive up to 5 days in the body. If the sperm had dried, it will not travel within the vaginal canal and it cannot pose pregnancy problem.

Women should also know that a sperm can live within their vagina for 5 days and this allows them to enter in the vaginal canal where they can fertilize an egg. When you become pregnant, it will not mean that it took place that same day. It can happen up to five days after having sex, even if it is anal sex.

With anal sex itself, you cannot get pregnant. The vaginal canal with the colon had not been connected. The colon is meant to be an exit so it is hard for the sperm to make a way to reach to the cervix where the sperm may cause the pregnancy. Since there is no connection with the vagina, it is not possible to be pregnant because of anal sex.

However, it is advised not to have vaginal intercourse after having anal sex since it can lead to the transfer of the bacteria from the anus into the vagina.