How to Have the Best Sex

If you want to learn more how you can satisfy your partner, then sex position is just one in different things you have to know about. Achieving gratifying and stimulating sex, it all depends on spontaneity and communication.

Talk about what makes you happy

If you want to have better sex, then you should communicate and this is not about dirty talk. Communicating about what you like and what you do not like may be informative and instructional as you stay together. If you like what a man is doing, then tell him that and do not expect that he will rely on noises and gesture you make. If there is something that you do not like, tell him so or show him what else he can do. If you want to try something else, tell him so and don’t keep quiet.

Praise your partner

Sexual satisfaction is high for the couple that gives one another positive response during sex. They are open with one another and they can joke about embarrassing moment and live beyond them. Don’t be too serious since happy couple normally laughs together.

Make things spontaneous

Even if you are having the best sex, it can be monotonous as the time passes if it is just one same old routine. When you are in bed, then you think something new, you may ask your partner to try it. It can be teasing, a position or any other thing. Men like when their women are confident and spontaneous in the bed. You can also switch place and time of having sex so that it does not feel as a duty sex. You can have sex on kitchen countertops, in a car or on a sofa.

Foreplay has to be an act to use for long-term

Setting the mood before having sex is something special and this is more important with women. You have to prepare your partner before the time of having sex by giving nice comments and small gestures. You can also communicate with your woman during the day using emails or text message.

Go for an afternoon delight or a morning sex

Men and women may have mismatched sexual desire because of how they want to handle stress. A man will want to use sex as a way of relieving stress but a woman will want to have sex if she is distressed. If you want to have good sex, you may be having it during mornings. Wake up early than usual and try to have sex and see what happens. Remember that testosterone in men is high in morning and you two will be surprised. You may also try to have an afternoon sex when it is weekend. Women ovulate mostly during afternoons, so they may enjoy better since it is also the time that their hormone level is at the highest.

Exercising and vitamin D

When you exercise regularly, it will improve the blood circulation and this also impacts on the blood flow that reaches into the genital area. This will increase your desire and it will lift your mood.