What Does Orgasm Feel Like?

Sometime a woman may come to understand that she may have a better relationship, a better orgasm and a better sex. However, a woman may not be having someone to ask about her sexual life and how she can make it better.

If you are a woman, you may not be aware of what it is orgasm and what it feels like to know if you had one or not.

Facts about orgasm

  1. Women have different feeling during orgasm

It is hard to describe what orgasm feels for every woman. Orgasm is a personal experience and it will be different from one woman to another. Women want to know the real feeling of orgasm, but it cannot be explained.

However, orgasm may be classified into three categories; it can be peaked of a sexual pleasure during a certain encounter. Something that makes you feel different from another sensation you may have felt and built up pressure release.

  1. There are different types of orgasm

A woman may experience different orgasm. Orgasm is just like snowflakes and they cannot be the same. At one time, the orgasm may feel too powerful but during others, it will feel inconsequential and tiny. You should not worry if the orgasm you are having felt as if it is fleeting now, since it can change in future.

  1. The feeling is not great every time

Every woman wants to enjoy an earth shattering experience, limb weakening and mind boggling orgasm. However, orgasm will not feel amazing every time. Sometime you may feel as a letdown and you may think if it is everything you just got, for others it can be uncomfortable and painful. Some orgasm may feel as emotional release, but for other it can be like when a sneeze dies in the nose.

There are women who may feel that they are under pressure of having the best orgasm and they try to lie when they are with friends and talk about the most incredible orgasm they never had. This is why some of their friends may feel that they are being cheated and they will be looking for such experience in vain. As a woman, you have to be aware of what really an orgasm is and that it is not the most important part of a relationship.


  1. You can make orgasm better

When you practice, you will make perfect. If you masturbate, you will be able to orgasm. You may have some duds, but as you become more experience, you can identify how you can get orgasm. You will understand the store and the pressure level needed for you to orgasm.

  1. Check the signs of your body

If you are not sure if you are getting orgasm or not, then you can check the signs of your body such as twitching uncontrollably, muscle shaking and increased heat rate or skipping a breath. If you feel that the chest is flushed, then you are having orgasm.

  1. It does not mean that you have finished

A woman is lucky since she can have different and multiple orgasms using quick succession. A woman should not expect to get a feeling of completion after every orgasm.