What does sexually fluid mean

There have been many terms used for many people in terms of how they identify themselves, sexually. There are bisexual and asexual and there is more nuance of what sexuality may be. The latest buzz is the idea of sexual fluid person.

The term is used to show that sexuality is not binary options since there are different things that exist at the continuum. There are different variations involved and it is no longer white or black.

Sexually fluid is a term used to mean that sexual preference may change as the time changes. In certain cases, it will be dependent to many situations. The idea behind fluidity is the flexibility to the sexual response. The best way of understanding sexual fluidity is how it works in the tandem with the sexual orientations. This has the potential of influencing sexual behavior, desires and attractions within the lifetime of a person.

Some people may misunderstand sexual fluidity as bisexual but these are two different things. This is about how someone can choose to identify herself or himself based on his sexual orientation, it can be pansexual, gay, lesbian and bisexual. These are different to the sexual preference which stands on what someone fantasizes and what he enjoys sexually.

As many people become open-minded towards sexuality, it is good if these people can be educated on the lifestyle and identity of others.

The facts about people who are sexually fluid:

  • They can fall in love with anyone

They may end up falling in love with a man who supports a bun or a black nail polish.

  • When a woman broke their heart, they can turn easily to men

Men or women who have dated women in the past and they end up hurt, then they may decide to start dating only men instead.

  • They don’t care about what people say

People who are able to date only one gender, they may have to deal with jerks always. However, people who are sexually fluid, they can identify easily people who are being idiots.

  • He or she can end up with anyone

The person can continue to be fluid regardless if he is with a woman or a man. Sometime they may also date a gender queer person and this will not stop them against behind sexually fluid.

  • He is straight or a gay

Whenever someone inquires about who he is, he is capable to answer yes since he can identify with any of them.

You may find someone who had been married to another gender, but still does not understand her or his sexual orientation. Some women can date women or can decide to date also men.

  • They can deal with anyone

The gender role is nothing since someone can decide to be an aggressor with different gender, but they can still do it. When you may want to be coy with women or men, you can do it. Sexually, fluid does not have any rules to follow.

Even if sexually fluid may be complex, getting the basic is the first step towards the right direction.