How To Spend Good Time In Saint Petersburg

If you are visiting St Petersburg, you should ensure that you had made good plan before anything else. You will find tips on what to do and what to see when you visit the city. This city has over 5.2 million people and you will not have the shortage of what to do and what to see.

The city is a federal subject and it is found near the Neva River on a head of Finland Gulf. The city was also called Leningrad and Petrograd. The city is known as the major cultural center and it is an important port for the Baltic Sea. When you visit, then you can enjoy the city better if you book one of their escort girls.

Before you book for the escort, you have to be aware that prostitution is not considered illegal in the city, but it is also not also completely legal.

Besides enjoying with a Saint Petersburg escort, then the following are other ways that you can enjoy what the city has to offer

• Architectural

You will find a beautiful church called Our Savior on The Spilled Blood at the place where Alexander II was killed in the year 1881. This church has majestic domes tower and it has been decorated well. It was build for over 20 years and this tedious work is shown in the details with the mosaic that are used to make prominent Russian artistic. When it comes about the domes, then you have also to visit St Isaac’s Cathedral. It will be hard to miss because its dome dominates the city skyline.

• The food adventure

You will find many highlights that you can look to when you visit Russian Cuisine. In case you like the tea, then you should try out the Russian tea. Severyanin is a perfect place where you may enjoy homemade pies, traditional Russian tea, jams, bagels and sweets. In case you may wish to get a hidden but hip gem, then visit Café Zoom. This is the hot spot that works as city hub information, art gallery, café and library. In case you get lucky, you can find one of the monthly exhibitions taking place and it shows the local talent and you can enjoy delicious course which are made using fresh produce.

• Hidden treasures

If you want to avoid the constant stream of the people with other tourists at the popular attraction, you may visit beaten tracks in the city and you may spend some few moments where you can appreciate the history with the Russia wonders. The treasures in the city are not exactly hidden, but they are protected. At Faberge Museum, you will find bejeweled Faberge eggs. There are eight grand halls that house fantastic creations including the eggs, porcelain and finest China.

You can also find recreation areas and parks and the best one is the Yelagin Island. Besides being the best part, you can also find other attractions. However, you want to spend your time in Saint Petersburg, you will get it, if it is a busy day or a quiet vacation. However, you will always enjoy it better with one of the beautiful escorts’ girls the city has to offer.